What Are the Best Replacement Windows for Denver Homes?

What Are the Best Replacement Windows for Denver HomesIf the windows at your Denver-area home are nearing the end of their lifespan, you may have already begun to notice the telltale signs. Do you feel a draft when you sit by the window? Do the windows fog up between the panes of glass? Are the frames and sashes visibly worn down or damaged? Do your energy bills keep getting higher?

If so, then having replacement windows installed is a great investment to make. In fact, as far as home upgrades go, installing new windows offers one of the best ROIs. Not only will new windows improve your home’s appearance—both inside and out—but they’ll also make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. However, not all replacement windows are created equal. When it comes to choosing the best replacement windows for your Denver-area home, there are a few things you should consider.

Durability Is Key

While Denver enjoys moderate weather for much of the year, winters in the Mile High City can get pretty frigid at times, so you need to make sure your windows can handle extreme temperature fluctuations without warping or cracking. Windows with frames and sashes made of fiberglass or heavy-duty, fusion-welded vinyl are great choices as these materials are among  the most durable.

If you’re dead-set on having wooden windows installed, then it’s best to opt for aluminum-clad wood windows which feature form-fitted aluminum casing on the window exteriors to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture and swelling or developing rot over time.       


You can’t talk about replacement windows without talking about energy efficiency. That would be like talking about Denver and not mentioning the mountains. While energy efficiency is a major concern for homeowners everywhere, those in the Mile High City have an addiontal factor to consider—the high altitude.

Most replacement windows on the market nowadays feature multi-glazed low-E glass with inert gas in between the panes. This gas pocket provides extra insulation and slows the transfer of heat through the windows. Over time, the molecules will dissipate and the gas fill will lose its effectiveness—that’s natural—but this process seems to happen quicker at higher altitudes. Argon is arguably the most common noble gas used for fills in replacement windows, but for your Denver home, you may want to consider a krypton gas fill. Because krypton molecules are heavier than argon, they dissipate more slowly and provide longer-lasting protection against heat transfer.

Customization Options

Best Replacement Windows DenverHaving new windows installed is typically a need-based home upgrade but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your window replacement project and maybe even have some fun with it. While functionality is certainly something you’ll want to keep front of mind when shopping for replacement windows for your Denver-area home, you can’t forget about aesthetics! Whether your home is a charming mountainside cabin, a stately Victorian, or a stylish mid-century house, you’ll want to choose windows that complement its architectural aesthetic.

Manufacturers like Milgard, Sunrise, and WeatherShield offer a wide range of window styles, allowing you to choose sizes and shapes that truly fit your home. Choose double-hung windows for a timeless look, geometric-shaped picture windows to add a unique design element, or a large bay window to showcase your breathtaking mountain vista. Customizing the interior finish on your new windows to match your woodwork or provide a vibrant pop of color against your walls is a great way to enhance your décor, so be sure to look for windows that have lots of options to choose from.

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