What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy Replacement Windows?

The Best Time of Year to Buy Replacement Windows

Most people would probably say that spring or summer is the best time of year to have new windows installed on their homes. And it makes sense. If the project entails removing large sections of your home’s outer walls to replace the windows, of course you’re going to want the weather to be as pleasant as possible. But there are actually some great reasons to consider having your windows replaced in the fall or winter rather than the spring or summer, which we examine below:

Quicker Turnaround Time

The average window replacement project takes about six to eight weeks to complete from the time the contract is signed until the installation of the windows is complete. That said, for many window contractors, spring and summer are by far the busiest months of the year. So, if you’re trying to have your windows replaced in the spring or summer, you might have to wait a little longer for your window contractor to be available. However, booking your window contractor during their slower months can be a way for you to get a quicker turnaround time for your project.

A More Competitive Price

Some window contractors raise their prices during their busier months, so if have your windows replaced in spring or summer you might end up paying a little more than if you had new windows installed during the fall or winter.

Undivided Attention

If the window contractor you’re using for your project is juggling multiple jobs at the time, your window replacement project might not get the same level of individualized attention that you would receive during the quieter months.

At this point, you might be thinking that replacing your windows during the fall or winter could be more cost-effective and quicker. However, won’t your home be an ice box during the project as freezing-cold air pours in through the window openings?! That depends. While it’s impossible to predict the weather, many areas have mild temperatures well into October, so having outdoor air come into your home might not be so bad. What’s more, you can ask your window contractor what kind of measures they take during installation to prevent cold air from coming into your home, such as hanging a plastic sheet over the openings.

Turn to BlueBird Windows & Doors for your Window Replacement

To learn more about having new windows installed at your home in the Denver, Colorado, area, and when might be the best time of year to take on such a project, turn to the professionals at BlueBird Windows & Doors. Were a local, family-owned and operated window replacement company that offers high-quality products and expert installation service to homeowners throughout the area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. When you do, be sure to ask about the financing options that are available to help make your project as affordable as possible.   

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